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    Hue festival – a wonderful experience in Vietnam
    Interview Prof. Oded Zehavi, Chairman and founder of Music Department, Haifa University (Israel)
    18:10 | 11/04/2012

    (CPV) – Being one of leading expert and making great contribution to the development of Israel’s music, Professor Oded Zehavi, Chairman and founder of Music Department, Haifa University (Israel) answered interview questions from a reporter from the Communist Party of Vietnam Online Newspaper on the occasion of performance in Hue festival 2012.

    Reporter: Could you please share with us your feelings when you participate in Hue Festival 2012?

    Professor Oded Zehavi: I am very very happyto be here at the HueFestival and am grateful for the organizers for having us here. I am happy to be part of a multicultural environment and experience the culture of Vietnam; its art and people [and foods] in such a pleasant way.


     Professor Oded Zehavi
    in an art performance during Hue festival 2012
    Photo by Israeli Embassy in Vietnam

    Reporter: Could you disclose more in details the main content of Israeli group’s performance in Hue Festival 2012?

    Professor Oded Zehavi: In our performance we combine classical folk and contemporary music from Israel, mostly with some additions from the classical repertory. Two pieces were written especially for this festival by myself  me and touch on themes that are close to our nations: one is a desire for blessed rains [the Israelies used to be farmers in ancient times] and the other is about the love for nature and music. Other materials are sung in Hebrew’ Yiddish and German.

    Reporter: As far as we know, you are one of the prominent artists in Israeli music, with many works well recognized. Do you know about Vietnamese music and after your talk at the Academy, how do you think about Vietnamese music development?

    Professor Oded Zehavi: We do not know a lot about Vietnamese music in Israel but I had a chance to listen to quite a lot of pieces in various styles. I liked a lot of it . I liked the natural mix of folk and traditional elements with new composition and production techniques. I took with me quite a lot of disks and will share my impressions with my colleagues, students and listeners on the Radio show I host on Israeli Radio.

    Reporter: Every country has its specific and typical music. So according to you, can there be any similarities or differences between Vietnamese and Israeli music?

    Professor Oded Zehavi: I like this questions.I think both nations, The Israeli and the Vietnamese try to preserve theiridentities through music. Both our nations deals with music that express deep emotional feelings and with mixture of old and new. The human voice takes a very important and expressive part in both cultures.


     Special art performance by Israeli artists
    Photo by Israeli Embassy in Vietnam

    Reporter: With your experience, do you look forward to any opportunities of cooperation between the Israel and Vietnam in this area?

    Professor Oded Zehavi: Yes. I hope that some of the connections that were established here will continue very successfully.I would love to come back here. To give lectures and perform more of my music and collaborate with local artists

    Reporter: Within this framework you also shared a lecture with lecturers and students of the Vietnam National Academy of Music. What will be the main contents of your lecture?

    In the Lecture at the Hanoi academy I discussed wherecontemporary music is  going. What is the next steps music will take in order to remain relevant for the people. I found a lot of common thoughts withht wonderful professors at the academy.

    Reporter: Thank you very much!

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